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Our Leaders

We appreciate all our donors who support their community through Fox Valley United Way. Support comes in the form of individual and workplace giving, corporate grants and gifts, as well as in-kind donations and services. Individual donors with gifts of $1,000 or more qualified for this year’s Leadership Giving Society.


Adam H. Wallace

Alona A. Parcels

Anthony William Andrea

April D. Sanderson

Arnold T. Hartley
Arnulfo Valverde

Aron DeRoche Varhegyi

Barry Finn

Bernard D. Held

Beth M. O’Connell

Bradley J. Poterack

Brian Riley

Cheryl M. Maletich

Cynthia Harris

Daryl C. Heppner

David W. Diehl

Deborah Ann Walker

Debra O’Connell

Deirdre M. Austin

Dennis M. Cherry

Dewey French

Dick and Susan Schindel

Dinesh Desai

Dixie Louise Drake

Donald W. Tomsik

Douglas Coyne

Eric J. Tucker

Gail Bumgarner

Gene Gerali

Gerald and Mary Ellen Palmer

Gordon L. Skeel

Gregory Ferguson

Hensley G. Gooden

Jack Nelson

James J. Byrne

James R. Warfield

Jeffrey Stokowski

Jerry and Amaal Tokars

Jess Richmond

Joel and Nancy Ottosen

John and Cindy Hornyak

John and Sue Potter

John Gill

Karl Weiss

Kassie Jones

Keith Wilson

Kenneth and Daphne Knight

Laurence D. Eastman

Leslie Holden

Mark A. Knox

Maryann McNally

Melinda L. James, Ed.D

Michael and Mary Meyer

Michael Buis

Michael Horejsi

Michael J. Adair

Michael M. Helm

Michael P. Stamatopoulos

Mitchell Bratland

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ferrigan, Jr.

Nathan Fogg

Nicholette Rossi

Orville and Bonnie Geick

Peter and Jackie Henning

Randle L. McKee

Rebecca Keeter

Richard D. Gunter

Richard Rawlings

Rita M. Springer

Robert Richards

Robert Svaleson

Ryan R. Erickson

Sandra A. Pikolcz

Stephen Anderson

Steve and Lori Palicka

Steven Bunge

Steven L. Walter

Susan Bill

Sylvia M. Rogowski

Thomas Donlan

Thomas W. Leeming

Timothy Pope

Todd D. Heckman

Vincent B. Ransom

Willliam B. Skoglund

Worth Hill