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Request for Proposal 2021

Our 2020-2021 Request for Proposal process is now closed.

2021-2022 Request for Proposal information will be available late January 2021 - please visit our website then for more information.

The long-term health and welfare of a community is directly correlated to the health and welfare of its children.  Those who are strong, prepared and ready for kindergarten have a significantly greater chance for success in school and life.  Fox Valley United Way (FVUW) is committing all of its resources to promoting positive early childhood experiences.  The impact of our SPARK program has proven that to advance the common good, we need to ensure that children birth to five years old in the communities we support have equitable access to early childhood resources and education.

We have set a bold goal that All children will be Strong, Prepared And Ready for Kindergarten.  We hope to achieve this goal by focusing on the whole child and the whole family.

Our Approach
We believe by incorporating this approach described below, as a community we can achieve equitable and positive outcomes for families and children.

Leverage Resources and support for families and children
How can your agency further leverage resources and support families through a collaborative framework?

Build Capacity
How can your agency build capacity to reach the shared capacity goal of ensuring that all children birth to 5 have equitable access to early childhood resources, services and education?

Work Collectively
How can your agency coordinate efforts with other agencies to support efficiencies and achieve greater impact for families and children?

Impact Strategies & Metrics
Applicants have the opportunity to apply under one or more Fox Valley United Way impact strategies. Fox Valley United Way strives to improve and strengthen outcomes for families and their children by collaborating with partner agencies to support the following strategies:

Strategy 1:  Parents and the community are educated and informed about the importance and value of an early childhood education for all of our young children and the impact it has on children’s success in school and life.

Strategy 2:  Support the on-going improvement of the early childhood programs in the Fox Valley area through continued professional development of individuals who work with families and children.

Strategy 3:  Ensure that all children have equitable access to quality early childhood programs and resources.

Strategy 4:  Build an early childhood coordinated system in Fox Valley communities in which the school districts, community based early childhood programs, community agencies, serving families and children, all work as one unit to ensure that Fox Valley’s young children have the resources, knowledge and skills to be Strong, Prepared And Ready for Kindergarten.

Questions on Proposal Content:

Trish Rooney
Phone:  630-896-4636, ext. 108

Michael Meyer
Phone: 630-896-4636, ext .102