Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

Welcome to a World of Imagination!

Kendall County, get ready for the Imagination Library, a magical journey of books and literacy for children aged birth to 5 years.

What is the Dolly Parton Imagination Library?


The Dolly Parton Imagination Library is a renowned literacy program founded by the legendary Dolly Parton whose father could not read. This initiative is dedicated to fostering a love for reading among children from birth to age five.

Every month, children enrolled in the program receive a high-quality, age-appropriate book mailed directly to their homes, at no cost to their families. The first book your child will receive is "The Little Engine Who Could" and when they turn 5, they will receive "Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come."

Why should I enroll my child in the program?


Dolly Parton believes that focusing on early literacy allows children to dream, learn, and be more!

Fox Valley United Way wants to SPARK a love of learning by gifting books to children. Research has shown that an increased number of books in a child's home combined with positive attitudes about reading and increased time spent reading with caregivers results in kindergarten literacy readiness.

Who is eligible to enroll in the Imagination Library?


Currently, all children residing in Kendall County between the ages of birth and five can enroll in the Imagination Library. Your child will receive books mailed to them monthly until their 5th birthday as long as they live in a covered geographic area.


I Want to...

If you live in Kendall County, enrolling your child in the Dolly Parton Imagination Library is easy and free! 

Simply visit our dedicated enrollment portal and sign up your child.

Please allow eight to twelve weeks for your little one's first book to arrive. Subsequent books will arrive monthly.

The success of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library relies on the support of our community.

You can make a lasting impact on a child's life and the overall literacy of your community by sponsoring a child's enrollment in the program today.

  • $26 will provide one year of books for a local child.
  • $131 will provide a child with books from birth to age five!
  • $260 will provide one year of books for 10 local children. 
  • $655 will provide 5 children with books from birth to age five!

Thank You!

The Imagination Library is made possible through a shared funding model. Dolly and the Dollywood Foundation cover many overhead costs and administration needs. Local programs (that's us at Fox Valley United Way!) secure the funding for the cost of books and postage.

Local funding for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program in Kendall County, Illinois is provided by:

  • Grundy/Kendall Regional Office of Education
  • The State of Illinois
  • FT Cares Foundation
  • Rotary Club of Aurora United

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