Grantmaking - Applications are closed
for the 2024-2024 Grant Cycle

The 2025-2026 online application process opens March 2025.

Our Mission

Fox Valley United Way (FVUW)  is committed to ensuring that families in our communities have equitable access to opportunities and resources supporting positive health, education, and financial outcomes.

Our Vision:

We envision a community where all families have a strong foundation for success in life.

Our Approach

Fox Valley United Way believes that equitable and positive outcomes for families can be achieved by:

Leveraging Resources and support for families
How can your agency further leverage resources and support families through a collaborative framework?

Building Capacity
How can your agency build capacity to reach the shared goal of ensuring that all families have equitable access to opportunities and resources supporting positive health, education, and financial outcomes?

Working Collectively
How can your agency coordinate efforts with other agencies to support efficiencies and achieve greater community impact for families?      

Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
How will your agency address racial, economic, and health inequalities and disparities that limit families from accessing health, education, and financial stability? 


  • Must confirm status as a nonprofit under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Must be chartered as a nonprofit organization in the state of Illinois
  • Must have a Federal Employer ID Number (FEIN)
  • Must provide a Patriot Act complaint form
  • Funds requested must be for service provisions for residents in the  23 communities in the Kane and Kendall county served by Fox Valley United Way


Application Guide:


Funding applications will be considered for ONE program per agency.  The proposed program must align with Fox Valley United Way’s mission, vision, and racial equity statement.

Proposals must demonstrate that the services to be provided are tailored to meet the needs of the identified population in one of the 23 communities supported by Fox Valley United Way.

Aurora, Big Rock, Bristol, Campton Hills, Elburn, Geneva, Hinckley, Kaneville, La Fox, Little Rock, Maple Park, Millbrook, Montgomery, Mooseheart, North Aurora, Oswego Plano, Platville, St. Charles, Sandwich, Sugar Grove, Wasco, and Yorkville

Selection Criteria:

Each proposal will be reviewed by members of the FVUW Impact and Investment Committee and scored according to the following criteria:

1.   Community needs

  • Is this program needed in our community?  Use data to support your proposal. 
  • Are there similar programs already being implemented?  If so, how will this program complement existing programs? 
  • The Program proposal provides a clear description of community outreach and strategies for targeted participant identification, engagement, and retention.
  • The Program proposal demonstrates a return on investment with measurable benefits to the community.

2.   Program review

  • Program Description: The program proposal describes the services that will be provided.
  • Program structure: The program proposal explains the service activities, times, frequencies, and locations, and is conducive to unique client needs.
  • Program collaboration: The proposal describes the program’s ability to collaborate and how the impact of the collaboration will be measured.
  • Program outcomes: The proposed program provides a thorough description of the specific outcomes and indicators.
  • Program reporting: The proposed program provides a thorough description of data collection methods, measurement processes, and tools used.

3.   Organizational Capacity

  • The proposed program describes current plans and future opportunities to leverage funding to draw additional resources.
  • The applicant organization provided a clear explanation of how the program aligns with the mission and vision of Fox Valley United Way.
  • The applicant organization possesses the staff, volunteers, space, equipment, and general organizational capacity to implement the work plan/logic model.
  • The applicant organization has the capacity to manage and implement the program effectively.

4.   Financial Capacity

  • Does the organization's most recent audit reflect major or ongoing concerns?
  • Does the organization's current budget balance?
  • Does the organization have the ability to operate the program for three months despite material fluctuation in income and expenses?

FVUW  Relationship (returning applicants)

  • Did the organization promote FVUW?
  • Does the organization comply with the executed FVUW Partnership Agreement?
  • Does the organization submit required documentation on time and has the ability to report in a timely manner?

Questions?  Contact Deborah Rudel here.