SPARK Early Education Initiative


Kindergarten readiness does not happen overnight. Providing exposure to language-rich environments, access to quality social activities and a safe space to develop parental skills allows a child to reach their full potential. Developmental screenings can help parents determine both if a child is meeting their milestones and opportunities for growth. Screenings are an essential starting point to increase a child’s development. SPARK playgroups help with social lessons and establish play-based learning models! SPARK’s parent committee, cafe based discussion and Abriendo Puertas program help with parental skill development.  

SPARK is an education initiative of Fox Valley United Way. We connect Aurora, Illinois families with early education and childcare opportunities that prepare their young children for success in school and life.


Our services are geared towards Aurora’s families with young children from birth through age five (the “early learning years.”) Some of our free services include community play groups, parent cafes, developmental screenings, Bright by Text, a parent resource guide, and playful learning installations around the community!


SPARK takes pride in creating purposeful and meaningful activities and spaces so Aurora’s children can thrive and gain the confidence they need by the time they reach kindergarten.





Developmental Screenings

Participating in a screening will give you time to talk about your child’s development.  You will also receive fun and simple activity ideas you can use with your child to help them continue to learn and grow.
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Gateways to Early Childhood

SPARK’s Gateway to Early Childhood Programs is a single point of entry for Aurora families with children birth to age 5 who are interested in learning more and enrolling into early childhood programs and resources.
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These free events are a great way for your little one to interact with new friends and to try new things. 
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Playful Learning Aurora

Our collaborative project has transformed the everyday public space of a sidewalk into an opportunity for learning.
Click here to check out our installation at Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry.

Bright By Text

SPARK has partnered with Bright by Text to provide invaluable information from early childhood experts on topics including developmental milestones, brain development, mental health and resilience, social-emotional competence, STEM, language and literacy, nutrition, health and more.
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