Financial Stability

Our Goal
We believe that all households in Kane and Kendall County should have access to opportunities and resources supporting their financial stability. To achieve this goal we support organizations in our community that provide equitable resources and opportunities that help uplift and support local families.

Our Strategy
As part of our vision of a community where all families have a strong foundation for success in life, our approach includes partnership and education.  You can help to ensure local families have the financial resources and support they need to give their children the best opportunities in school and life.

United for ALICE

ALICE, the United Way Acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed, refers to:

  • The growing number of individuals and families who work for low wages, lack benefits and paid time off, and often work two jobs - yet struggle to access basic health care, educational opportunities, and secure financial stability.
  • Workers who exist in a gap in the social safety network, which focuses on poverty-level support
  • Families living paycheck to paycheck, making difficult choices between paying bills and feeding their families.
  • ALICE is one emergency away from slipping into poverty.

For more information about United for ALICE, visit the Illinois website here.